Trip to Madrid

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about taking a road trip. It's been a while and I love a good road trip. I'd also like to go to Madrid, Spain someday soon. Maybe I'll combine the two into a super-road trip/adventure! So, where does one begin preparation before embarking on such a journey? Google, of course!

Easy enough. It will take some time to get there, but I'm patient. And what an adventure it will be! Wait a minute. I just noticed step 31. That's gonna be difficult. Maybe I'll just take Ethan to Legoland.



Ethan returns from his London vacation today and in celebration I have decided to post more pictures of him. Enjoy!

Ethan with his cousin, Owen.

A cop who means business. Don't mess.

Ethan and Owen again.

Ethan and David. I loved the mustache, Ethan didn't.



Thinking like a stone,
my heart is determined to be
impenetrable by her love
for me.


I Am Racist

Whenever I happen to cross the path of a person of another race, I do something peculiar. I go out of my way to be more polite than I would otherwise be. This is especially true when the race of the person in question is more susceptible to racist treatment. I give no such attention to people of my own race. I try to always be polite, but I am much more conscious of my behavior when encountering other races. Doesn't this makes me a racist? Do I error in my ways?

I Am Superficial

It's absolutely pathetic. The stupidest things have so much importance in my life. I hate that about myself. Things mean nothing.

The photo below is a perfect example. Don't I look proud of my fancy new car?

Again, pathetic. If you happen to stop at a light in the lane next to me, I'll probably try to show off. It's so sad. Does driving a fast, expensive car make me better than anyone else? Of course not. That is a ridiculous idea. And yet, I get behind the wheel of that car and I feel superior.

I refuse to be that guy any longer.





Penny Ellis

Penny Ellis is Ethan's preschool teacher. A few months ago, Penny's husband died suddenly. For the most part, Penny seemed to cope fairly well. She took a few weeks off and then continued her preschool as normal. She has been working to sell her house so that she can move to Texas to be near her mother. Yesterday, Penny's son died, also rather unexpectedly. I wanted to do a little something to help her get over what must be unbearable pain, so I left this letter and picture on her doorstep.

March 25, 2007

Dear Sister Ellis,

I wanted to share this photo with you and let you know how much you mean to Ethan. Each time we drive past your house, he points and says in a very excited voice, "there's Miss Penny's house!" He enjoys his time with you so much and I thought that you would like to know that.

I am so sorry for your recent loss. I hope that this picture will help you feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I feel it each time I look into Ethan's eyes.

I was recently pondering the physical death that we will all experience and I surprised myself by thinking that death is a beautiful part of our eternal lives. I remember speaking with my grandfather very shortly before he died and I remember very distinctly his words. He told me that he was ready to go home. It was hard to see him go, but I know that he is now home.

I wish you much happiness in whatever this life now has in store for you.

With love,

Aaron Watson

Can't We all Just Get Along?

Watch this. If enough people do, the world will be a better place.


Tears Withheld

Early Sunday morning
sun up, but curtains closed.
I hold her in my arms
and cry tears withheld
for reasons I cannot understand.

Now withdrawn,
I search for reasons
to cry again.
Tears do not return
and all that is felt
is pain.

A Very Soft Sweater

This is me in a very soft sweater:

Date Night

Last night was family date night. I didn't have a date and Chris' wife Kristi was out of town, so he was my unofficial "man-date". We went to a place called Iron Wok. It's very similar to P.F. Chang's. Here we are getting ready to order some food. This is a bad picture because my flash was off and I didn't get everyone in the shot.

We ordered some pretty tasty food such as: curry chicken, sweet & sour pork, lettuce wraps, honey shrimp, chow mein, and of course edamame. Here we are after the meal (L to R: Chris, Dad, Mom, Stacy, Dan, Scott, Traci):

Overall, it was a very fun night. My date didn't put out (a good thing!) and the food was very decent. It would have been more fun with Jen and Josh, but maybe next time.

Jennifer Cottrell

I went over to my parent's house yesterday afternoon to visit the family. My sister, Jen, was in town with her two kids: Lillia and Jonah. Remember when I mentioned that Andy Miller was only my friend because of my sister? Well, this is her helping Lillia with a puzzle.

Here is her son Jonah. His middle name is Aaron (thanks, Jen!). I like this picture because Jonah looks inebriated. I think my sister has been putting a little too much whiskey on those gums!

Jonah looks much cuter here. You can't really tell in this picture, but he's sporting a very nice carrot tan right now. A carrot tan is where you eat so many carrots that you start to turn orange. I may try it when summer comes. Better eyesight and no cancer!


I Am a Tree Killer

The picture below is of the family room in my new house. Note the beautiful tree in the corner. It is called a figgy leafed somethingorother. Ask my dad, he knows. The important thing to note, it is a very beautiful tree with very nice and full foliage.

Jump forward about two months. Now see the tree? It is dying. It is very nearly dead. I am a tree killer. Behold the evidence:


Enveloping me slowly
with black,
your love is thankless.

Slow, Like Forever

Slow, like forever
we kissed.

Easy, like tomorrow
we die.


David Chavez

People, I'd like to introduce my best friend David Chavez. "Why are his eyes so squinty," you ask? Well because my friend David has not slept in several years. He has been going to school to become an industrial designer.

Here he is describing his designs to a potential employer. Go, David, go!

The event you see here is David's senior show. It's where all the graduating students get together to display their various creations from their years in higher education. David's main design project is a watch for the blind. It has moving braille type and I think that it's pretty genius. The guy next to him created a submersible, mobile lavatory. Who needs a lavatory to relieve themselves whilst underwater? That's retarded!

The show was hosted by a fellow named Joe who has an apparent thing for cars. See what I mean:

It was a nice collection and I had fun checking things out. Here are some spiffy race cars of some sort.

Anyway, David and his wife are now in Mexico doing some much needed vacation stuff. Congratulations David! Now, get some sleep.


I Am a Hotelier

My dad and I jumped on a plane this morning and flew to Phoenix, AZ to take a quick gander at some potential hotel sites. You see, Dad has recently linked up with a guy he baptized while serving in Washington. Turns out this guy builds hotels and now he's got my whole family dreaming of become hoteliers.

Here's the first site we visited. An unexciting empty lot? No. Close your eyes. Now do you see it? Yes.

Here my dad is splainin' all the perks associated with being a hotelier. "You will have daughters this tall and they will be just like Paris Hilton!"

After checking out the sites, we grabbed a quick bite of mexican food and then drove over to the first home my mom and dad ever purchased.

Pretty nice, eh? Dad explained that he planted the two palm trees and the rubber tree plant in front. Overall, the neighborhood was in great shape for being over 35 years old.

After a quick tour of the old hood, Dad dropped me off at the airport and my day as a jet-setting hotelier was over. Yes, I flew on Southwest (A-line, baby!) and yes, we are building a motel with kitchens in the rooms. But my daughter will be like Paris Hilton and yours won't. I think I'll name her Bookcase...


Have you seen this boy?

He was last seen roaming the streets of London pretending to be a bobby. He has a very slight british accent and calls his gun a "boomer". If spotted, grab him quickly, give him a squeeze and tell him his best buddy misses him.

I Am Not a Writer

Yesterday, I declared that I am not a Nazi, I am a writer. Of course, I am neither. I can't really claim to be much of anything worthy of note. Yet, here I sit. Writing.

Lately, I find myself imagining my thoughts in written form, taking care to include proper grammar and punctuation. I don't pretend to be thinking things that are profound or that I have any right to believe that others would want to share in my ideas. They are not unique or clever in any way. They are not even amusing. But I will write them regardless. And if you read them you will be bored and wonder "why am I wasting my time with this dribble?" I have no answer for you. Go do something productive.


I Am Not a Nazi

I have very recently discovered my own secret identity. I am a writer. I am a complete and utter failure as a writer, but nonetheless a writer I am. So, let's begin.


a love so thick
it can be seen by
every eye.

except mine.

This is the first poem I ever wrote. It was sometime around 1990 or 1991. I don't remember exactly, but I do remember that I wrote it about Doug Chase and his girlfriend Laurel Harper. Doug was my friend Andy Miller's half brother. Andy was only my friend because of my hot sister, but I forgive him because he introduced me to The Pixies. And we had many good times. Like the day we rode the trolley to downtown San Diego. On the way back we took the wrong train and ended up in El Cajon. Andy got in a fight with a local ruffian and the trolley security called our parents to come pick us up. I was wearing monkey boots and an iron cross ring that I bought from The Berlin Wall in Chula Vista and I remember one of the security guys asking me if I was "a Nazi or something." "Yes, yes I am," was my reply.

I am no longer a Nazi, I am a writer.