Pool Party

Dearest Blog Readers,

You are cordially invited to attend a summer pool party at my residence. There will be sun, fun, good people and good food. Please feel free to bring a guest. Towels will not be provided. Swimsuits are not optional. David, please do not bring your speedo. We don't want to scare the children. Or the women. Or me.

As you can see below, my pool is not yet complete. For this reason, I am not able to set an exact date for the party. It should be sometime around the middle of July. Right when the heat starts to become unbearable.

As soon as I can set a date, I'll let you know. For now, please block out each Saturday in the last half of July. Yeah, it's going to be that good.

Respectfully yours,


P.S. Please enjoy some more pictures of the ongoing construction project.


Heather said...

Oooooh, I cannot express to you how jealous I am that you're getting a pool. I used to have a pool in Tucson and I LOVED it. I spent almost every single day from Spring through to Fall in that pool. There aren't enough words to convey just how much I miss it. Here in VA they thankfully just opened a brand new indoor pool facility, but it is SO jam-packed. Oh to have a pool of my own... that'd be heaven. Enjoy it, just be sure to let me know if you need to hire a pool girl. :)

Jennifer said...

can't wait...have they pushed the date back already? i guess jonah's birthday party is out. how about Lilia's at the end of Aug.? keep in touch.

your sis