South Carolina - Day One

After a very long day of flying (did I mention that I hate airplanes?) I finally arrived in South Carolina late last night. I'm in Greenvile, just next to Spartunburg where BMW has a factory where they build X5's and Z4's. I am here with my mom and dad for the M Performance Driving School. Remember my previous post with the pictures of the white car? Well, it turns out that when you buy a car like that from BMW, they include a day of professional driving instruction. So that's why I'm here.

Today we spent the day checking out some of the sites and sights. We went to church this morning and then back to the hotel to 'slip into something more comfortable', as my dad put it. I told him that I would not be slipping into anything. He seemed disappointed with my lack of enthusiasm. After a quick change of clothes, I took the opportunity for a Sunday nap. After the nap we drove downtown and parked on a bridge. I stepped out of the car and took this picture:

We decided that we were all very hungry, so my dad did the obvious thing and located a stranger to ask his opinion of local eateries. I don't know what the man said, but I'm pretty sure that my dad found his recommendations questionable. We were on our own.

We walked for a while and soon passed the Hot Dog King. I vetoed my dad's suggestion that we check it out. I just can't eat a hot dog without Amberly.

We walked some more.

And saw many interesting things.

There were random quotes on the sidewalk.

This was my favorite:

No motorcycle helmet law in SC.

R2D2 mailbox. This one's for Ethan.

According to this sign, my blues name is Fat Baby Bailey. What's yours?

So this is where we decided to eat. This place is so messy, they give you a towel instead of a napkin. Yes, we were that hungry.

Here is my food. Looking at it now makes me want to vomit.

No longer hungry.

More walking and interesting things.

The big tourist draw in the area is a park and some falls on the Reedy River. It is right downtown and very beautiful. We spent the next 4 hours walking around the park and enjoying the afternoon.

Why are these kids pointing and yelling?

They were trying to convince their friend to slide down the falls, which she finally did. Would you?

This bridge was very cool.

This sign did nothing to deter the fun had by all.

Shakespeare in the park? Yes, please.

As you can see by this painting, the goal of this particular theater company is to make Shakespeare cool. Mission accomplished.

The stage.

Before the play began, the Works in Progress Improv group warmed up the audience. This was very painful to watch. Very painful.

Let's end this post with some sweet family photos. Mom and Dad:

The author and his mother:

I'm exhausted and ready for bed. Stay tuned, there is much more coming tomorrow.

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